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Low-carbon products and services

From sources of low-energy LED lightbulbs to suppliers of electric scooters, people often pick my brains about where they can get low-carbon products and services. This page features ones I like or which have worked well for me. Some have a ‘referral deal’ or finders fee where you and I are both rewarded if you purchase or sign up.

Product or service
Coach's comments
Energy utility companies
I've purchased my electricity from Good Energy since 2004, and recently signed up to their new gas tariff too. Use the code GE88 when you sign up and we'll each get £25 off our bills!
Ecotricity I love the company Ecotricity and highly recommend them too. These two companies have a different character to the old-school energy providers. If you are a fan of pioneering wind energy you may want to back Ecotricity. 
Solar panels
I am so delighted with my PV panels – and with Freesource, he company that installed them. Freesource are also Good Energy’s chosen installation partner, which surely speaks volumes. Mention me and you will get their keenest pricing, plus I may get a small finders fee
Your Welcome do a great range of lights – not least my fave the Zenigata LED – now available in discount boxes of 10.  And you can get a further 10% off for just mentioning the discount code 'carboncoach'.
The very best way to get back into train travel.
Gifts, gadgets and shopping
A superb source of green and ethical products, services and experiences.
Good Energy Shop Another great place to purchase eco-friendly gifts and gadgets such as a Wattson, the adorable up-market remote energy meter
A great magazine for anyone who, like me, cares deeply about the environment.
Green Futures The interesting and insightful magazine published by The Forum for The Future, and essential reading in the Carbon Coach's house!


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