Issue 28 : 5 March 2009  

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2009 = time to rise... and time to shine!

Before I start to mix February’s low-carb food for thought, I’d like to thank everyone for the positive response to my 2019 Happy New Era special. The ‘10 year plan’ went down well, and many of you shared the issue with others – thanks! Catch up here if you missed it:

In this issue:

Roll out the green carpet
Leading the way to an abundantly green future
Meet the Dave you know – and the Dave you don't
Read, watch and listen to some really hot stuff!
Take this issue's Mission Possible

Roll out the green carpet

There’s only one place to be on the evening of Sunday 15 March:
The Age of Stupid
premiere of course!

Green carpet

Your average movie premiere is a glitzy, exclusive, affair – only the stars are allowed in. But The Age of Stupid is not your average film. It was financed by hundreds of different groups and individuals (including me) using a cunning crowd-funding model, and in many ways, we all star in it: we’re the self-destructive anti-heroes who are emitting the greenhouse gases. This is a world first IN-clusive ‘people’s premiere’ , and it’s coming to a UK town near you.

Don’t miss this chance to be there on the night we humans receive the miracle of a second chance: to live our lives again. To stop living like we’re part of a closing down sale, and start living as if we intend to stay – and to do right by the kids. Book your tickets fast!

It’s easy to help spread the love about the film: just attach the wonderful widget above on to your online space, blog or website by cutting and pasting the HTML code here:

I simply can’t tell you how significant – or how successful – I believe this film is going to be. At last we all have the chance to see it for ourselves. The film will mark a huge tipping point in human consciousness, in the run up to Copenhagen at the end of this year. I predict it will move you deeply.

Meanwhile – enjoy the short (two minute) sharp (HD) trailer here: 
You can read about how and why I became an investor here: "One investor’s mov(ie)ing experience".

I’m delighted to say that I’m one of the guest speakers at my local (Maidenhead) Odeon:

Stupid offer!

Might your company enjoy my company at the movie? During the opening week of The Age of Stupid – 20 to 27 March – I can accompany you and your company to view the film and to chat carbon, before and/or after. Interested? Drop me an email or me on 07768 806451

The Sun has got its sensible hat on, and it’s coming out to play

It’s amazing how much great press coverage The Age of Stupid has already won, including a well worded, sensible and accurate centre spread in The Sun:

King Lear’s eternal truth

Pete Postlethwaite is cunningly obtaining great TV coverage for The Age of Stupid while he’s being interviewed about King Lear, currently playing at the Young Vic. I’ve just booked two tickets! It made me smile that Lear is summarised on the website thus:

A daughter's love is spurned.
A family ripped apart.
A country disintegrating.
Can change come without destruction?

Many decades after Shakespeare wrote King Lear, resonances
with The Age of Stupid are palpable:

Mother Earth’s deep love for us is spurned.
A global family ripped apart.
A planet disintegrating:
Can change come without destruction?

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Carbon Coach in Wall Street Journal

My interview in Wall Street Journal was published on 16 January, headlined Emission Impossible? (Regular readers will spot the irony).

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Happy Obama day!

Obama day was a truly great day. I can’t believe Obama day is over four weeks ago now (20 January). It was a truly great day. After a few Buds I found myself waving the US flag and loving Obama, America, and Americans all, at a fun celeb-packed evening at Chicago Rib Shack!

It felt a bit like reconciling with a long lost sibling, after a prolonged disaffection. Oh, and I couldn’t help but notice the new leader took the train, not the plane. God bless America.
The day after Obama day I attended the launch of something amazing called:

999 It’s Time: A Movement

We’re in a state of emergency. What do we do in an emergency? We dial 999. I urge you to check out the website, and their nine famous ambassadors. Here’s some footage of the evening:

At the launch I was inspired by Sam Roddick’s calm words: “You don’t need permission to protest.” 2009 is surely the year we remember it’s our duty to protest, not just our right.

This is the year of positive, persistent, polite, peaceful, passionate and most of all POPULAR people-powered protest. Come join us!

The lovely Tamsin Omond and her friends at Climate Rush ( summon the spirit – and the style – of the Suffragettes, and make everyone want to join in – even members of the police! The whole movement is now an irresistible attractive force!

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Leading the way to an
abundantly green future

Talking of leadership, I'm done with the mad Heathrow air travel sell out. It’s time to give ourselves the green light for the change we so urgently need. In keeping with my ‘look back from the future’ piece, I hereby predict Caroline Lucas for prime minister within four years. (I might even bet on it!)

We’re living at a time when infinite improbabilities actually do come to pass. So, can we power green into the vote? (You know the rest…) Yes we can!

By the way I’m not saying I judge the Green Party to be perfect, or even polished. Just that they are the only party with policies on the same planet – and the same scale – as problems.
As I often say to my coaching clients, “There’s no leadership without carbon leadership.” Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party, has my confidence. She is the leader we need – and a huge number feel the same way.

There are plenty of bright green individuals in Westminster. Just think what they could achieve moving in one direction – friends green-united? New green dream?

Here’s a piece from my friend Rupert Read, who is standing for Green MEP this June:

“Thanks to Dave for giving me the chance to air my views. What Dave does is vital to the future of our planet. But how much more effective it would be if it were set within a national educational, economic and political framework.

"That’s where the Green Party comes in. We’re the only Party serious about putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do, and in every aspect of government policy. The next big elections in this country are to the European Parliament in June. These, by proportional representation, are the elections in which we did stunningly well, in both 1989 and 1999. In 2009 – with time running out for our world – there is urgent need, and opportunity, for more Greens to be elected to Brussels than ever before.

"You can help make this happen. This year I’m standing for election to become the first ever Green MEP from Eastern Region. For more information visit and if you’d like to donate visit  

"Thank you! Many people who are yet to be born will be eternally grateful to you."

Please help Rupert’s pledge bank if you can. Thanks.

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The Dave you know –
and the Dave you don’t

While many of you will know me as the source of Communiqué, you may not know that I'm also carbon coach to the rich and famous, that I deliver keynote speeches and after-dinner talks, and that I work with all manner of institutions to accelerate innovation and positive change.

Rich and famous firestarters wanted

If you’re wealthy, influential, successful and have generally ‘made it big’ in this world, the chances are your carbon shadow has 'made it big' too. And that’s okay! It crept up behind you, as shadows do. But don’t let it bite you.

If you’re a 500 tonner, you’re a 500 tonner. That’s cool by me. But for how long will it be cool by others? The opportunity is there for you to set tomorrow's trend today and become a high-profle low-carbon leader. All it takes is a little commitment and a little coaching.

I'm on board with boards

Also, I really enjoy my work on boards, advisory, and judging panels – they’re a great way of making a contribution. And having worked at board level for many years, companies find they get the benefit of someone who not only knows the whole carbon thing inside out, but who can also talk about it in their language.

My brand of nutritious, practical low-carbon ‘refreshment’ – and open, friendly, human advice in edible and digestible chunks – is available right now and generally pays for itself. For a chat about how I might help and inspire you or your organisation, drop me an email or call 07768 806451.

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Seeing the funny side

I hope to be working on a climate change book for children with a top (Jongleurs) comedian I met a few years ago. Hilariously funny, yet dead serious. More on this soon.

Talking of children – have you heard of Chuck the Eco Duck? Passion for the Planet TV has been chosen to debut the pilot of this animated TV series designed to teach, as well as entertain, children between the ages of five and 11 about environmental issues and citizenship.

Each episode has a simple green message for youngsters. The debut is on Passion for the Planet TV on 1 March 2009. Visit and click on ‘TV’.

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Hot stuff

Hot books

This issue I’d like to recommend three books: one brand new, one recent, one old.

Too Little Too Late, Colin Challen MP. Available from the author himself at a discount (signed, too, if you ask nicely) for £8.50, including P&P. Orders to Colin Challen MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

Sustainable Energy – Without Hot Air. I love this excellent fact-packed, straight talking book by Prof David MacKay of Cambridge University. It will move mountains. £20 from Amazon or downloadable at:

The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience by Rob Hopkins. A classic reference work

Hot video

Planet Earth We Have a Problem: Beyond The Tipping Point: Feedback Dynamics And The Onset of Runaway Climate Change.

This is probably the most amazing video footage available anywhere on the internet. Listen first to the wise words of Bo Eckman, CEO of the Tallberg Foundation, then watch David Wasdell’s amazing presentation. With eyes wide open – if you dare.

Copies of the DVD are available for £5 from Apollo-Gaia Project, Meridian House, 115 Poplar High Street, London E14 0AE.

Hot events
Free tickets to UK-AWARE

Book early and get yourself to whether you’re buying, selling or both.
UK Aware is the UK's only green lifestyle exhibition for people who want to learn how to reduce their carbon emissions. Tracey Smith and I will be there as MC Carbon and the Downshifters! 
Stop press: 250 free e-passes have been made available to my readers – just quote promotion code UA09CC when you book.

Warm wise training at Embercombe

Are you ready for the next step? One of the aspects of tackling climate change that we often overlook is the risk it involves to our professional and personal lives. Are we crazy to turn our lives around when all around us life carries on as normal?

The Journey is a one-week programme where you take time to explore yourself, and to find the courage to act, whatever that means to you. It’s held at Embercombe, a magical place in Devon where miracles can happen if you let them. Find out more at:

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Mission Possible

Get some brighter lighter uppers (without a carbon downer)

Yes it’s true it takes more than changing a light bulb to save the world, but it certainly helps.
I’m delighted to recommend a new type of LED that’s a direct replacement for the common GU12 mains downlighter spot bulb. For the last three years we’ve had a mix of these LEDs and compact fluorescents (CFLs) in our kitchen. But the old LEDs were a bit on the dim side, at only 2 watts.

A few weeks ago we ordered a couple of new LED bulbs – the Zenigata and the Brilliance – and I’m pleased to say, they’re great! Order your LEDs from quoting carboncoach (must be lower case) and you’ll save 10%.

Each £20 bulb will save you an astonishing £200 in electricity and 1,000kg of CO2.


The cool white is a modern, blue-ish white light, while the warm white is more comparable to the old fashioned light bulbs.

Committed action

If you’re protesting against Heathrow – stop flying too (see Operation Noah no-fly pledge).

If you’re protesting against dirty energy – switch to 100% renewable energy too.

Our deeds and our cash can speak so powerfully in these interesting times.


Here are a few of my favourite campaigns that I’ve been helping with:

I love the way Footprint Friends points out that the only real VIPs are the children. Plus you can play footsy with Emma Thompson!

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Until soon

Dave Hampton
The Carbon Coach


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