Issue 20 : 14 December 2007  

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After a long gap between newsletters, this issue follows hot on the heels of the last – and with good reason.

More that 10,000 people have jetted off to Bali (an island that will soon be under water) to talk about how we need to fly less. The outcome so far is something along the lines of “OK USA, if you're going to be like that, we’re going to boycott your climate conference!” At least that’s some air miles saved...

Back at home, reality is fast dawning on the brave people of America. They must be proud of their leader (Mr Gore not Mr Bush, that is). His outspoken truth will set his people – and the world – free.

This Bali special (no, I am not there!) brings you best wishes for the festive season and a request for a few urgent clicks! Please take these vital steps TODAY.

In this issue:

March on Bali
Remember to post those letters
Do the green thing this Christmas
You've read the rap, now hear the rapper


Join the vast virtual march on Bali

Did you miss out on the global climate march on 8 December? I was there and despite the inclement weather, it was amazing.

Whether you were there or not., please sign the emergency Avaaz ‘Stop the Climate-Wrecking at Bali’ petition today and help put pressure on those countries reluctant to commit to making the CO2 cuts necessary to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

Signing the petition is just two clicks away...

Today only: vote for C&C

You can vote for your preferred global framework in today's New Statesman poll.
At time of writing, 72% want ‘Contraction and Convergence’ as proposed by the Global Commons Institute. Add you vote via the link below:

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Hey Hey Mr Postman

It’s not too late to post that one child’s letter off to world leaders – go on, post it now!

You won’t need reminding, but please remind the friends you told about KidsCall! Just imagine those thousands of letters arriving. How would you feel if you were President?!

If you missed the KidsCall special issue you can find it here:

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Climate solution is child’s play

Six-year-old Dylan has solved climate change. Seriously! Just follow steps one, two and three. (Go on – it’s only 1.5 minutes long.)

You can join the thousands of people sending his simple message to Gordon Brown and those in Bali.

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Season’s wishes and powerful speeches

I wish all my subscribers a wonderful festive season and a happy 2008.

Next year will see some massive shifts in consciousness – good beyond our wildest dreams – but first we have to dream good wild dreams!

Be inspired into the new year by Al Gore’s amazing Nobel Prize acceptance speech, which can be seen here:

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The green thing

I am delighted to introduce you all to this wicked … how shall I say… thing! Brought to you by some of London’s finest conscientious creatives, working pro bono. Sign up now for a good green belly laugh that leaves a lasting impact. Tell all your less green friends about ‘the green thing’ too.

If it was the purple thing (carbon dioxide) that got us into this mess, Stanley, it will be the green thing – one way or another – that will get us all safely home!

See how Mary and Joseph and their donkey did December’s green thing…

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STOP PRESS: nagging does work!

The good folks at The Nag tell me that 1,890 tonnes of CO2 were saved in 2007 by naggers switching to green energy, including Communiqué readers who signed up. I know I don’t need to nag you to switch to good clean green! Do I?

(Let me remind you, I’m a big fan – and a small customer – of the 100% renewable electricity provided by Good Energy:

The Nag has been listed in the What's Hot section of the Sunday Times Style magazine, endorsed by KT Tunstall, and shortlisted for a Green Award. So, see what good stuff can happen when you nag!

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Keep a passionate whisper in your ear this winter

Most of us consume far too much conventional TV and radio ‘programming’. I recommend you switch to Passion for the Planet, a radio station with a real difference. Broaden your horizons – musical and beyond – with a radio station that talks about the topics that matter, in a way that matters. You won’t want to switch back.

Listen out for my carbon Christmas list, too – I’ll be on air in the run up to the festive season!

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A good gift

Fed up with giving and receiving corporate calendars you don’t even like? How about giving the calendar of climate change instead, and supporting Stop Climate Chaos into the bargain? With beautiful photography and powerful, empowering images, it’s the perfect visual prompt for a positive climate conversation. Available from Flipside Vision:

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To rap things upů

The lyrics to Bruce’s rap, ‘New World Dawning’, at the end of my last newsletter went down a storm. Even better – you can now listen to him perform the rap live by following the link to his podcast. There’s another of hios works, ‘New Story’, there too. You won’t regret listening to them. Listen out for this young man!


Until soon

Dave Hampton
The Carbon Coach



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